The truth about carbonara

Do you really know your pasta dishes? Do you…?

FACT CHECK: Chicken Carbonara – You’ve Been Lied To

Few individuals across the globe suffer from a rare mutation known as carbonarawhatisitnow. This condition is diagnosed when an indivdual assumes that carbonara is a dish with bacon in pasta. Carbonara is in fact a mushroom and chicken dish served over pasta. Don’t feel bad, even costco got it wrong and mislabeled their bag of marsala.

Symptoms Of The Misinformed 

Often times, individuals who  misidentify this popular dish suffer from mild to severe symptoms of the following:

– Confusion of body parts (specifically where their shoulder is in relationship to their elbow)

– Excessive eye rolling

– Random noises that resemble a lost bird looking for her way back to her nest

– And in extreme cases, the need to always be right, even when they’re wrong